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Investing money is an important part of your financial security planning. Where and how you choose to invest will have an impact on the return generated.

Planning for your long-term financial security

Whether you require low-risk cash and fixed-interest funds, or higher-risk equity and dividend-based funds, we have an investment option with the right level of risk, reward and flexibility to suit your investment needs. Our wide range of investment funds allows you to tailor your own personal investment plan.

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Before deciding what to do with your money, think about:

  1. Your Financial Goals- are you saving for the long or short term?
  2. Your attitude to risk – you need to decide which funds to invest in!
  3. Lump-sum investments or regular savings?

By saving regularly you smooth out the return on your investment.

If you make a lump-sum investment then 100% of your money is invested from day one.

Irish Life-Zurich Life-Friends First-Canada Life-New Ireland-Aviva-Caledonian Life-BCP Asset Management-Wealth Options-KBC Bank.

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Barry has been looking after my Life cover and savings since the mid-nineties when he was working in AIB Bank. Since he set up his own brokerage the choice & calibre of the products that he has available has certainly increased a lot. Solid & trustworthy I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Liz DowlingSolicitor, MM Halley & Co

Reducing costs is the name of the game now. I got Barry to look at my policies and he got me better cover for less money. He also made a donation to Down Syndrome Ireland on my behalf just because I became a customer. Professional, courteous, helpful all come to mind.

Sanjay HirekodiDental Surgeon, Absolute Dental Care